There are thousands of saxophone-related web pages, but here are my Top Picks...each offers real service,
useful information, quality merchandise, and/or the chance to interact with saxophonists worldwide.
If you have a site you feel meets these qualities, please do let me know.

Classic Saxophone On-Line
One-stop shopping for classical sax music and accessories, including those hard-to-find barrel chamber mouthpieces. Educational articles by the likes of Sigurd Raschèr and a lively bulletin board.
A good selection of vintage saxophones for sale, each profusely illustrated, as well as some useful technical articles (ever wonder how to pack a sax for shipping?).

Alexander Reeds
The "House of Superial" offers some of the best cane reeds available to the saxophonist today.

Dorn Publications
If a piece of music is available for saxophone, they probably have it in their exhaustive online catalog. Dorn also publishes the Saxophone Journal magazine.

Steve Goodson Woodwinds
New Orleans' "Saxgourmet" sells, restores, plays and lives saxes! Also rare old sax ads for the downloading, company serial numbers to date your horn, and the most extensive guide to vintage saxophone values anywhere.

"The best reed mother nature doesn't have to offer."

Jon Van Wie Sax Mouthpiece Services
Learn about Jon's much sought after refacing and customizing work.
Mark Overton's new and vintage horns (check out his Conns especially), mouthpieces, reeds, cool pictures, bulletin invaluable resource.

International Saxophone Home Page
Interviews and reviews with a focus on freeform jazz artists (webmaster Jason DuMars being quite an up and coming one himself), plus a valuable Saxophone Buyer's Guide.

Sax On The Web
Tim Price's jazz lessons, professional advice on instruments, repair, and mouthpieces, and the biggest sax discussion board, covering every topic imaginable. (I post there fairly frequently as "paulwl", so gimme a shout if you see me there...)

Saxophone Mouthpiece Heaven
Theo Wanne offers vintage mouthpieces, instruments and his renowned refacing services, plus an illustrated guide to great mouthpiece makes and models.

The Selmer Company USA
The Selmer USA site features an active array of bulletin boards where your questions about saxophones (Selmer or otherwise) and sax playing are answered.

Henri Selmer Paris
Gayle Fredenburgh offers just about the best selection of rare and collectible saxes anywhere, specializing in my favorites, Buescher and Conn. A nicely organized site that makes window shopping a delight. Vintage Saxophone Gallery
An invaluable visual resource for those interested in answering the eternal question, "What kind of sax is THAT??!" Thousands of digital photographs, organized for easy access.